Electro Plating & Heat Treatment

Electro Plating & Heat Treatment

Electro Plating & Heat Treatment: Electro plating section is equipped to carry out following types of plating: Zinc, Satin Tin, Copper, Nickel, Electrolysis Nickel, Chromium and Acid Based Anodizing.

Surface treatment: Having machines like Deburring, Polishing and Sand Blasting machine.

Heat Treatment: Having oil-quenched heat treatment SOLO Swiss Furnaces (Hardening and Tempering) Special Copper Brazing furnace.

Quality Assurance Department: The department consists of a team of highly qualified and trained quality engineers with in-house calibration facilities. It is fully equipped with sophisticated quality equipments such as Vedio Measuring Microscope, Profile Projector and Tool Measuring Microscope (TMM). IST has an online supply status with its major customers.