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Set with more than 1, 300 diamonds, this astonishing piece of jewelry reflects the highest requirements enshrined within the
conventional art of jewelry at.
Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the area about Lucerne provides numerous vacation pleasures inside a really little region, and
has consequently rightly been known as "Switzerland in miniature". With its "Mediterranean" flair, Lucerne draws many guests and
tourists from around the globe to a location exactly where beauty may be skilled in its purest and most unspoilt type. In addition to
outstanding landmarks like the entire world well-known chapel bridge and Mount Pilatus, it's the numerous swans on Lake Lucerne that
make the city so magical. Strolling along the idyllic lakeside stroll, observers are magically drawn in to the spell cast by these
mythical creatures because they glide gracefully and majestically across the lake, transforming the crystal-clear water into a
shimmering "Swan Lake". Space for visions. And for visions to turn out to be reality. Aside from Lake Lucerne, swans (which in
mythology are regarded as a symbol of our dreams) have inspired an additional location in Lucerne: the Schwanenplatz, from 1894
onwards the house from the initial branch of Bucherer, which opened within the Kapellgasse in 1888. More than 120 years ago Carl
Friedrich and Louise Bucherer produced their entrepreneurial dream a reality right here, laying the foundations for their future as
visionary watchmakers from the highest order. The tradition-steeped business of "Bucherer" continues to be owned from the loved ones
these days, and is now managed by Jörg G. Bucherer representing the third generation. The original philosophy from the founder has
usually been preserved. Therefore in 1919 Carl Friedrich Bucherer produced the basis for your brand with his initial ever collection
of Replica watches produced by him. Due to the movements that from 2007 onwards happen to be created and produced within the company's
personal Manufacture, is now also in a position to present technically and aesthetically ideal timepieces, and to become usually "one
step ahead from the times".
Une montre qui brille de mille feux avec 348 diamants sur le boîtier, rolex replicas 137 sur le cadran, 1 sur la couronne et 844 sur le bracelet.
Brilliant splendor produced from the conventional art of jewelry. Using the Alacria Swan, presents a masterpiece inside the feminine
"Alacria" range. The name, that is a tribute towards the Bucherer loved ones that founded the business, is intended to recall their
dream of getting their very own company, brought to fruition lengthy ago in Lucerne. The name can also be according to potent symbols,
legendary myths and romantic fairytales. Like the grey and unprepossessing "Ugly Duckling", in the end transformed into a snow-white
and breathtakingly gorgeous swan, the Alacria Swan tells a brand new story of its personal inside the collection. And it's an
extraordinarily richly embellished story: with 348 diamonds around the case, 137 diamonds around the dial, 1 diamond around the crown
and 844 around the bracelet, all the extremely highest high quality, the Alacria range now shines having a new brilliance. Every
person jewel has been painstakingly set by hand, to ensure that the watch reflects the extremely highest requirements from the art of
jewelry at. Ideal comfort in wearing is ensured from the delicate bracelet, which wraps itself about a lady's slender wrist as gently
as a swan's neck. As a sparkling timepiece of ideal beauty, the Alacria Swan, that is fitted having a quartz motion and indicates
hours and minutes, omega fake watches conveys a appear that's each brilliant and sensible.
The name from the watch is according to potent symbols, legendary myths and romantic fairytales.
The timepiece as a symbol of eternityThanks to its breathtaking beauty, the Alacria Swan transports the wearer into a ravishing
enchantment which will final for ever: like a swan that remains faithful to its companion for life, no lady will wish to be parted
from this piece of jewelry in white gold. Yet this beneficial companion also adorns its wearer with intangible values, values which are
linked towards the "swan" motif in art and literature. Therefore the 1300 white diamonds recall the pure and virtuous nature of a
swan, combining the components of water and air -its grace as a swimmer and its enduring stamina in flight. Thanks to its graceful
lightness, expressed from the curved case that recalls the shape from the female physique, the watch also suggests a swan about to
take flight, rolex bubbleback overcoming the strength of gravity. The Alacria Swan is certain to elicit a reaction of fascination and approval in all
who see it. 1 can only hope that the wearer will probably be in a position to cope using the continuous admiration!
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