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Emmanuel Coindre has effectively accomplished his challenge of rowing across the northern passage from the Pacific from Japan towards
the United states of america which means nearly 11 000 km in 129 hours 17 hours 22 minutes and 22 seconds. supported the sportsman at
every step of this daunting and ambitious undertaking throughout which Emmanuel s physical and psychological preparation was
confronted with incredibly unfavourable climate circumstances. The Master Compressor Intense Globe Chronograph remained firmly
strapped to his wrist all through the voyage.
Following leaving the marina in Choshi (Japan) on June 24th 2005 he arrived on Monday October 31st (at three pm nearby time) through
longitude 124 40 00 W powered exclusively from the strength of his personal arms with no stops and no help on a 6 mens wrist watches . 50 meter composite
rowboat (according to plans by F. Lucas).
He covered nearly 11 000 km at a rate of 15 to 18 hours bare handed rowing each day facing the numerous tempests which are frequent
within the Northern hemisphere that is frequently the scene of all sorts of extremes such as typhoons. Along with capsizing 16
occasions his trials integrated squalls fog and counter currents his only material comfort consisting of a couple of freeze dried
meals and some higher power bars.
Penalised by 49 days of head winds and about 70 days of rain the rower from La Baule (France) demonstrated his courage and his
tenacity creating a sense of essentials residing in the mercy of this challenging Ocean and attempting to rest in his I sq. m. loft
accompanied only seagulls sharks (14) dolphins as well as other sea creatures such as killer whales.
This 32 year old athlete who regularly dedicates his understanding to pushing his limits currently has 5 transatlantic crossings along
with a quantity of records to his credit such as two way globe records in between the Canary Islands and Guadeloupe in 42 days and
Boston USA/La Baule France in 62 days.
A man with of generosity and dedication he is dedicating his odyssey towards the sick kids from the Necker Hospital in Paris thereby
creating this a really symbolic crossing filled with hope and encouragement.
Emmanuel Coindre : A watch is an indispensable instrument for all sailors and right here once more time was a valuable tool as indeed
was the entire world time function to assist me discover my way via the numerous time zones. Certainly one of the important traits
from the Master Compressor Intense Globe Chronograph is an anti shock method patented by which was especially helpful all through my
voyage especially whenever you think about that the boat capsized 16 occasions and that the humidity rate was more than 90% for your
complete 129 days.
J r me Lambert CEO of : From June 24th to October 31st the Manufacture has been residing and breathing in unison with Emmanuel
Coindre. Around the massive map of his voyage a dot signalled his position every day. Employees members stopped to get a moment in
front of this panel to send him a silent message of encouragement . cartier replica watches The little group that was following him every day centralised and
transmitted the encouraging e mails that fanned the flame of passion because the sailor noted in his logbook.
What could to accompany him in an adventure for which the word intense appears barely adequate maurice lacroix watches ? Naturally by entrusting him with
certainly one of its most dependable timepieces supplying him with logistic backing believing in him and supporting him at every
moment of this distinctive odyssey. Faced using the raging components a spiritual dimension is crucial to be able to withstand the
torments of doubt. Exactly the same trust drives the designers at who understand that regardless of the issues encountered along the
way they'll succeed in drawing even closer to perfection.
It's using the emotion born of a shared adventure that salutes Emmanuel Coindre s extraordinary feat by making a restricted series of
30 Master Compressor Intense Globe Chronographs.
20 titanium steel Replica watches and ten titanium platinum Replica watches will preserve the memory of this distinctive undertaking. This series
characteristics the yellow and black colours of Emmanuel s boat having a globe time disc on which Choshi replaces Tokyo and San
Francisco Los Angeles together with a specially engraved seal around the back.
Such will be the nicely deserved tribute paid from the indomitable watchmakers settled around the shores of a mountain lake to a man
who defies the infinity of sea and sky.
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